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About Us 

Bisbee Soap & Sundry started on a whim, a gutsy leap of faith. Proprietors Mark and Amber had run the gamut of professions and careers; Mark a successful musician, turned successful chef, Amber a career bartender, sometimes artist. They'd grown weary of fostering others' dreams, and longed to create something of their own. After a gruesome weekend in the service industry, they stood in their kitchen and wondered aloud "How long can we continue in these jobs?" Amber, not realizing the can of worms she was about to open, suggested, "Let's open a soap shop!" Two weeks later Mark found himself painting the interior of their new spot on Main St. in Bisbee, Arizona, prepping for their opening day. Failure was never considered. Rapid success came as a pleasant surprise. But, with Mark's charisma, Amber's eye for design, and the pair's tenacity and perfectionism erring on the side of obsession, prosperity was inevitable. What started as a box of soap in a too-big retail spot, has turned into a full blown production. Their shelves are stocked wall to wall, their workshop is now cramped. Bisbee Soap & Sundry products can be found in numerous major retail stores, and independent shops alike. Their dedication to quality goods is unwavering, and their growing fan base is testament to their hard work. These days, when ruminating in the kitchen it isn't with dread or angst, it's full of excitement and inspiration. The pair, and their business, continue to find success.