All the Scents

This soap is not pretty. Hear us out though, we think you're going to love this.

 Everything Bar

You know how you walk into our store and utter "It smells so good in here!" Here's that scent, the essence of our store in a piece of soap.

When we make a batch of soap, there's always a little bit of excess in the pot, on the tools, etc., and we hate to be wasteful. We started collecting and combining that excess, and now we have this: a marbled, deliciously scented concoction that we want to share with you. 

Each piece is unique in every way, from scent to color, shape and size. Orders $40+ get a free piece of this soap while supplies last.

Here's how:

  • Fill your cart with at least $40 worth of your favorites
  • Add an Everything Bar to your cart
  • Use discount code EVERYTHINGBAR at checkout
  • Wait for your mailbox to smell incredible


Fine print: Everything Bar is not available for individual purchase, but only as a free gift with qualifying purchases. If order does not meet criteria, order will be cancelled and payment refunded. To qualify, cart total, not including the Everything Bar must be at least $40, and discount code must be applied. Limit one per customer. Discount cannot be combined with any other discount.