Gardening, wine or ice cream?

Gardening, wine or ice cream?

As the seasons begin to shift from cold and dreary, to warm and fresh, we know a lot of you are itching to get your hands in the dirt. While comfort in the winter months may come from a glass of wine, or a tub of ice cream (no judgement here, I get it), spring has its own set of built-in comforts. The days are longer and getting warmer, and the soil is prime for planting. Did you know, gardening has a wide range of benefits beyond the obvious? Gardening has been proven to reduce depression, anxiety and anger. Have you ever been angry while gardening? Probably not. I’d venture to say that would be impossible.

I’m not a gardener myself. I bring houseplants home to die slow, miserable deaths. That’s never my intention, of course, but always the outcome. I was fortunate enough to be graced with an abundance of beautifully fragrant flowers in my front yard, of which I had nothing to do with. Thankfully, they seem hearty enough to withstand even my level of negligence.

Now, my dad, on the other hand, is a gardener. My childhood summer memories are rich with images of my dad, peacefully watering his garden. Or the crisp taste of carrots fresh-plucked from the ground. He grew peppers of every variety, tomatoes every size, shape and color of the rainbow. But to me, gardening still seems like some crazy form of black magic.

Here’s to you, Gardeners. You fascinate and enthrall me. In honor of you, and the magic that you cultivate, we’ve created a scrubby, pumice-filled, moisture-enriched, bar of awesome. Get elbow deep in the soil and admire your work, we’ll help you clean up. And now would be a great time for that glass of wine.

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