We did it!

Somehow, we’ve relocated even earlier than anticipated!

The 25 Main location was in dire need of attention. The carpet was gross, the walls were filthy after many years of neglect, and quite frankly, it smelled funny. The building owner brought it up to snuff with a great deal of hard work, and brought Mark in to help towards the end. I’ve mentioned that Mark is a man of many skills, a number of which he put to use towards renovating our new space. He put in weeks of labor, and without that effort, we’d still be waiting to get in.

We’d originally planned to start moving August 1st. Until Mark, true to his spontaneous form, had an idea. Looking down on our new shop space, which resembled a construction site more than a soap store, he says “We could move in this week.” I waited for the punchline. 














Realizing he was serious, “There’s no way…” I said, shaking my head. The space had yet to be painted, we’d not even begun to pack up the old location, there was a seemingly insurmountable amount of work to be done before we could even consider moving. Or, so I thought.

Either Mark has rubbed off on me more than I ever realized, or we’re both just stark-raving-mad—probably both. After mulling it over for a few intense moments, I decided, “Yeah, let’s do it.” And with that, it was final. We got to work immediately that Sunday, and were open for our first day of business at our new spot on Friday morning. It was an intense few days, but we all survived, mostly unscathed. There were sleepless nights, and brutally long days for everyone involved (have I mentioned? we’ve got a really great team of people supporting us). Moving in a town with a severe lack of parking made for a logistical nightmare—we cannot express our gratitude enough for the patience of our fellow Main St. merchants while we disrupted the normal flow of things.


If nothing else, this experience has made me fall in love with Bisbee all over again. Neighbors came running to help lift and move, passer-byers stopped in and offered a lending hand. The compliments and support just in passing has been immense. Bisbee, we love you. We hope our presence adds to the magic that makes this little town what it is. 

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