Summer Soap - 2019

What is it they say about good intentions and best laid plans?

I’ve fallen victim to those cliches.

Let me explain.

This soap is your creation, I wanted to make it the prettiest soap ever. And the test batch was perfect! It was everything I had imagined. But your soap had a different plan, something else in mind. Your soap was fickle, you see, as soap often is. 


Original test batch. Wasn't it lovely?

Everything was going according to plan, perfectly, actually. Right until it was time to mix in the pretty colors. My elbow caught the lip of a container holding the most gorgeous sky blue color and sent it flying every which way. There were profanities, lots of profanities, as I scrambled to mix the color again and quickly. As I mixed and whisked and swore like a mad soap lady, the lovely fragrance we chose was forcing the already mixed oils and lye to become soap at an accelerated rate, which meant I didn’t have a lot of time to work before it became a solid mass.

I slopped the first layer in the mold and formed some iffy looking mountains. I then flung the not-as-pretty-as-the-original blue color on top of that and globbed on the other two colors which were meant to be delicate swirls within. I tried (really, I tried) to get those pretty swirls in there, but it was akin to stirring playdough with a toothpick. Admitting defeat, I repeatedly slammed the mold of 40+ lbs. of soap down on the table, in an attempt to free the air pockets inside. There was nothing delicate about this process. 

I feel like an apology is in order. This is not exactly the soap we promised you. This is not the soap as pictured before. I wouldn’t call it ugly, exactly. But maybe aesthetically challenged? Beautifully compromised? Just shy of an atrocity? And I can't even blame the fragrance entirely, my wayward elbow certainly contributed. 

Beauty is on the inside. Right?
I'm sorry.

Whatever the case, it’s still really great soap, and it smells divine. You guys definitely picked the right scent. And on the bright side, my soap room is now spattered in the loveliest shade of blue. 

We’ve put this on the racks to cure to perfection, and it will be available soon. In the meantime, we want you to name it. Submit your ideas. Top 3 submissions with the most likes go on to voting. From there, of those 3 submissions, the one with the most likes wins! And winner gets a free bar of (not quite beautiful) soap. 

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  • Kmantel on

    “Fickle Fantastik”

  • Vicki on

    It’s beautiful regardless of how the creation cane about! Can’t wait to see your post that it’s on the shelves for purchase!! You can never have too much soap, right?! 😍

  • PJ on

    Wayward Elbow
    Cactus Bloom & Agave Oops

  • Greg on


  • Janeen Bode on

    Don’t be a prick
    Agave me a break
    Bloom where your planted

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