You got any prickly pear seeds?

You got any prickly pear seeds?

Bummer alert: Our Desert Scrub soap is in peril. When we first concocted this soap we thought we had a lifetime supply of prickly pear seeds.



We had no idea it would fly off the shelves the way it has. Now we're all out and can't find a supplier without paying an arm and a leg (we're talking 50¢ per seed 😱). We've made one last batch from our supply, but there's no way it's going to last until prickly pear season.

We know this is a long shot (not to mention an unusual ask), but we've been pleasantly surprised by our friends before. If you happen to have some lying around, let us know. We'll throw a free bar of soap your way! Send us a note or leave a comment below. We'll be in touch.

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Hey there! We don’t have prickly pear seeds available… yet. But let’s keep in touch. My husband and I are starting a prickly pear orchard.

Bree Brouwer

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