We are open!

We are open!

What a ride it’s been. In the words of Amber, our resident introvert, “You know things are getting weird when I‘m on the news.” And she hasn’t made just one appearance, but several. Perhaps this is the catalyst that leads to her being in front of the camera more often. We’ll work on that.

Now that our doors are open again, we wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude. We always knew we had solid support backing us, but the sheer outpouring has left us in awe. During those tough days of closure, when our minds were consumed by the chaos, it was hard to see past the wreckage. Finally, on the other side of that, we thought we’d take a moment to highlight some of the moments that kept us going.

First, one of our nearest and dearest friends showed up, eyes brimming with tears, bearing an encouraging note and a gift from her mom (whom we've yet to meet). Cue the waterworks—of course we ugly cried when she left.

A few days later, another unexpected visitor graced our back door. When we apologized and let him know that we weren’t open to the public he handed over his credit card and said that he didn’t really need anything, but he wanted to help. “Load me up,” he said. Load him up, we did. And then we ugly cried.

And then there's our beloved UPS lady who went out of her way, and maneuvered untold obstacles daily to be sure we got our deliveries. She’s a treasure, and we hope to see her smiling face for a long time to come.

Most gracious of all, our neighbors at Poco shared their space with us to keep us going. They opened their doors to us without a second thought, no strings attached, just pure kindness. We're humbled by their generosity.

During this outpouring of support, we'd spent weeks fretting over an upcoming freight delivery. How were we going to get a pallet of supplies into our building with Main St. closed? But our worries were unfounded. Mark orchestrated the movement of barricades, and the delivery driver skillfully maneuvered his truck as close to our store as possible, where he then lowered a towering pallet to the street. This alone was a relief; we could manage. But, much to our surprise and delight, the crew working on the devastated buildings across from us jumped in and had that pallet unloaded and into our store in about 7 minutes flat. We’d never had an easier, more seamless delivery.

And then there were the emails, notes, and gifts—each one felt like a warm hug, prompting more ugly tears.

Long story short, we know how very fortunate we are, and we thank you for keeping us going during an incredibly difficult time. It was due to your generosity and support that we endured an uncertain period, kept our lights on, and also kept all of our staff (we hate that word, family is more like it) paid and working.
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Great to hear the store is back open to customers! You all have had a helluva a ride. Thanks for sharing your story and proving there are still so many kind and good hearts in the world. :-) Looking forward to the next visit to your store!


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