They thought we were crazy

They thought we were crazy

"Let's open a soap store!"

It was one of those big ideas that just fell out of my mouth. You know the type of thought: something so compelling, so right that you don’t pause to think twice. Two weeks after muttering that off-the-wall thought, we found ourselves at 74 Main St., in the heart of downtown Bisbee painting the interior of our new shop space.

Word got around town, as it does in Bisbee. Mark and I, one morning after grabbing a cup of coffee, ran into an acquaintance. We stopped to chat and she said, "I hear you're opening a soap store?" her eyebrows knitted in confusion. After a brief explanation of our plan, she cocked her head and said, "Good luck!" without much enthusiasm as she walked away. We laugh at that now, and when celebrating a success, we'll look at one another with mock confusion and mutter "GoOd LuCk!" 

But, you know, her reaction wasn't too far off base, albeit not very encouraging. Did we know how to make soap? Did we know how to operate a successful and thriving business? Did we know what we were in for? No. The answer to all the above is a resounding “no.” But we did it. We persevered with little more than brute force, and sheer determination. We struggled. We celebrated. We learned. And we continue to struggle, celebrate and learn, even now.

All this to say, thank you for having faith in us. Thank you for not raising an eyebrow at our crazy ideas, but instead, cheering us on, as good friends do.

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It’s good to hear some good news on a successful business venture.
Congratulations and continued success !
Ps Love your soaps …

Brian, Bohemia, NY

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