Narrowly Spared

Narrowly Spared

A recent fire swept through and razed the historic buildings at 28 and 30 Main St., forever altering the landscape of our cherished downtown. Fortunately, there were no injuries or loss of life.

Main St., Bisbee, AZ ca. 1940

Our building, across the street, bore witness to the devastation and was miraculously unscathed by the fire. Yet it now stands silent and shrouded behind barriers, cordoned off from the usual bustle of visitors.


Once a vibrant hub for foot traffic, Main St. now wears a different face. The familiar rhythm of daily life has shifted, forcing us to navigate uncharted territories in our quest for survival.

The emotional toll is intense – we mourn the changes to our beloved Main St. while holding onto the gratitude that our operations, though limited, continue. We narrowly escaped a more dire fate, leaving us grappling with a mix of emotions as we reflect on how close we came to losing everything.

Exhaustion has settled in. The once-charming Downtown Bisbee is now a chaotic mess, both literally and figuratively. The scene behind our building, on Subway St., resembles nothing short of chaos, serving as the main thoroughfare through town. The truth is, we're weary of disaster being the focal point of our days. While a break would be welcomed, the harsh reality is that now, more than ever, we must push forward for our survival.

As a grassroots business from day one, asking for help isn't our usual style. We're not looking for donations but, instead, anything you can do to help keep us moving forward. Whether or not a purchase is in the cards right now, there are ways you can lend a hand.

Here's how:

  • Give us a follow on Instagram or Facebook
    • Show some love by liking and sharing our posts
  • Share our online store with a friend who appreciates finely crafted wares
  • And, of course, keep those good vibes coming 🙏


Above all, thank you for your support. We'd be sunk without you, and we have no words to convey our gratitude. We're weary, tired, and bedraggled, but if there's one thing that defines us, it's tenacity. We ask for your patience as we get through these difficult days. We're working hard to get your orders out the door and putting in extra hours to keep the revenue flowing – all while whipping up more goodies to restock our shelves.

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After reading about your unfortunate situation, I placed an order.


Will send an order soon….all relatives and friends will get your soap!! So sorry

Barbara J Sawyer

I’m so very sorry. I’m also glad you sent this letter out because it has motivated me to quit procrastinating and place the order I have been wanting to make and keep putting off. I’m also glad to hear you are not giving up and are hanging in there. Sending positive thoughts your way and will pray for you and your business.

Catherine Lutz

This is such a sad situation. I’ve been an online customer for a while, but had the chance last weekend to go to Bisbee for the first time. Was so excited to stop by your shop, and was saddened to see the fire damage and the street closure. Will share your post far and wide…stay strong!


Oh what a tragedy!
i will send in an order…you will still do online correct?
My thoughts are with you.


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