Life in the mountains

Life in the mountains

They say when you travel through the Mule Pass Tunnel, you go back in time. It’s part lore, part absolute reality. Bisbee moves a little slower than most places, it hasn't quite caught up to the rest of the world. And that's alright.

We don't have major chain establishments here. Our grocery selection is limited and overpriced. Our parking situation could use an overhaul. And you can't go anywhere without running into someone (or several someones) you know. For a somewhat non-social person like myself, that's challenging.

But there's nowhere else I'd rather call home. I'm awestruck from time to time, unexpectedly. I'll walk out the front door of our shop, catch Main St. in a new perspective and think "Wow. I live here..."

My kids have grown up running the streets of Old Bisbee, and not once have I ever worried about them. 

I know my coffee roaster. I know my baker. I know my beekeeper. I know my hat maker. And when I go to the post office, I meet up with at least two of them.

Small town mountain life isn't for everyone, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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We made an early morning ‘side trip’ to Bisbee last July and I loved the sleepy little town. No shops were open yet and it was in my heart to buy a little piece of Bisbee Blue turquoise, didn’t happen. But I was thrilled to be able to say that I’d been to Bisbee. Is a fond memory I cherish. My folks had a turquoise jewelry business in the 1970’s that went over very well for the short time they had it. I now have prize pieces they held on to. I believe my squash blossom has Bisbee Blue stones. But, hoped to get a piece from the source personally. Anyway, I’m happy to have been to the original source and appreciate your web site!

Norma Onion

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