Let's talk about shipping

Ugh. Shipping costs. It's the bane of our existence, something we are constantly combating and working on. 

We know you love free shipping. So do we. Nothing makes our carts grow larger than the lure of a haul showing up for free! Except, free shipping isn't really free. Sure, we could raise our prices and absorb the cost of shipping within, but that seems like trickery, and not something we want to do. We like to be transparent with you about how our business operates. 

First, we're a small business. Like, really small. We employee 8, our shipping department is 1 (sometimes 2). We aren't large enough to contract shipping rates like you see with the "big guys." Each order is individually picked, packed, and labeled by hand. And in the case of USPS shipping, we walk those shipments down to the post office every day, because we live in a geographical oddity where the mail isn't actually delivered or picked up, but I digress.

The cost of freight shipping has gone up as much as 5 fold in the last year. That means our costs on materials have also gone up. We had the insight to prepare for that, fortunately. And we still source our materials at the best possible rate available to us while not compromising quality. But still... life is expensive right now.

We do still offer free shipping from time to time. As always, any order totaling $75+ automatically qualifies for free shipping. And on occasion, we offer free shipping for our regular customers who have been supporting us for a long time.

If you haven't already, sign up for our newsletter. This is where we announce all of our specials, to include free shipping.

It is always our goal to deliver the quality you've come to expect, at a rate that's reasonable. We believe our goods our worth every scent (ha!), made with the finest ingredients, from people you can trust--because we like to keep you in the loop.

As always, we wouldn't be doing what we love without you, so thank you. You are appreciated. 

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