Fit check. New website!

Fit check. New website!

Our new website has been in the making for a while now; longer than we'd care to admit. But it's here!

+ New, more robust review system
+ Easier navigation
+ It's faster!
+ It's prettier!
+ More to come


As you may know, our little business is operated by just a handful of people. Which means when we make a big change, it can take longer than if we had an entire team dedicated to the project. In this case, that team is me, your soap maker 👋 So while mixing up the latest batch of soap, my mind is spinning in the background, "What if our cart icon was a bathtub? What if our reviews could be verified and include photos!?" You get the idea.


I've been tinkering away at this project for many months, tweaking and adjusting and sometimes tearing my hair out. It's not quite finished, we'll call it a work in progress. We'll be adding more features in the months to come. Subscriptions, anyone? 😉


In the meantime, take a look around. Make yourself at home. And let us know what you think! As with most projects like this, there may be hiccups. If you encounter any errors, drop us a note!

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Thank you for a wonderful site and products! Was at your store in February and loved it! Notify me if you ever do a sale on soaps!!

Loni Monson

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