The Spirit Bar - 6.5 oz Premium Handmade Soap

The Spirit Bar - 6.5 oz Premium Handmade Soap

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First come, first serve! Limited quantities available. 

Fabulously stunning in appearance, scent and lather, the Spirit Bar is our premium version of the Gay Bar. This luxurious soap is enriched with coconut milk, jojoba and babassu oils for a soap with unbelievably lavish lather. Its scent is an invigorating citrus blend, with hints of bubbly champagne, just like the Gay Bar.

15% of your Spirit Bar purchase will be donated to the Trevor Project.

Formulated in a precise balance of vegetable oils to yield a hard, long lasting bar of soap that replenishes moisture to skin. Enriched with Babassu and Jojoba oils, plus silk for a super creamy, luxurious foam-like lather.
To get the most out of your soap, we recommend storing it in a well drained soap dish between uses.
Due to the nature of handmade soaps, the appearance of the soap can change slightly from batch to batch. While we always do our best to adhere to consistent designs and colors, the product you purchase may appear different than what's pictured.