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Hard Working Hands

Crafting a garden is hard work, but a labor of love (something we can relate to). Our Gardener’s soap offers gentle exfoliation, and deep nourishment to the hands that cultivate magic outdoors. This hefty bar of soap will deeply cleanse every soil-stained nook and cranny, leaving your hands good as new. Packed with fine pumice and green sea clay to gently buff away dry skin while the nutrient rich oils and butters replenish moisture. 

Exfoliation is key to keeping hands soft, and free of gardening grime. That's where pumice and green sea clay come in. Pumice is a fine sandy powder, a natural exfoliant made up of volcanic ash. Paired with mineral rich green sea clay, your hands will be smooth and revived in no time! 

You'll notice olive oil is the first ingredient in all of our bar soaps. There's good reason for that. Olive oil is naturally moisturizing, and rich in vitamins your skin loves. Abundant in antioxidants olive oil promotes healthy, radiant looking skin. 

If soft, fresh hands aren't reason enough to try this soap, the delicate scent of tomato leaves, green fig, and cassis will have you making excuses to wash your hands.

"The Gardener's soap is so lovely. There's nothing like it on the planet."


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