We are big time bath enthusiasts. We believe a long, hot soak will cure what ails you. Lock yourself in that bathroom, run the bath water hot and settle in for your daily indulgence. Take your time. There’s no rushing in this moment you’ve seized for yourself. Savor every last second of the heady-scented steam, and the rich foamy bubbles. Create yourself a bubble beard (you know it’s been a while), and absolutely do not get out until your fingers resemble raisins. When you’re ready, and only when you’re ready, leave the warm embrace of your tub and revel in your soft, supple skin moisturized with nourishing cocoa butter. 

Better Ingredients

Better Bath


One of the purest, most unrefined salts available. It's rich in 80+ minerals that are vital to your body. We add it to our soak for a relaxing, rejuvenating bath experience.


You can't go wrong with the butter that's responsible for chocolate. Cocoa butter is a great natural deep moisturizer that's full of antioxidants.


Full of magnesium, Epsom salt is said to relieve achy, tired muscles. It's been used in baths for ages to decrease stress and promote wellness.


Planting hope

Our take on the benefits of gardening.

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