Short on time but want a clean tub and a hot soak? Try this cleaning hack...

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Spring Cleaning pro tip: If you have 1 hour… Scrub the tub and shower. Good. Like really good. Spring cleaning is your chance to work a little harder than you usually do — getting up close and personal with all of the surfaces and corners in your shower and tub to give the area a really detailed and thorough clean. It’s up to you to choose the best cleaner and method, but the secret just might be Dawn dish soap and a cheap broom (we learned about this on apartment therapy). Really, we tried this method and it actually worked! And talk about saving your back from reaching over into the tub. Bonus, your broom becomes sparkling clean as well.

When you’re done cleaning, dry the tub and shower thoroughly — a squeegee is ace here. Now that your tub is sparkling clean, reward yourself with a nice hot soak and may we suggest using one of our bath soaks to enjoy your hard earned efforts.

Sparkling Clean!

Lock yourself in that freshly cleaned bathroom, run the bath water hot and settle in for your daily indulgence. Take your time. There’s no rushing in this moment you’ve seized for yourself. Savor every last second of the heady-scented steam, and the rich foamy bubbles. Create yourself a bubble beard (you know it’s been a while), and absolutely do not get out until your fingers resemble raisins. When you’re ready, and only when you’re ready, leave the warm embrace of your tub and revel in your soft, supple skin moisturized with nourishing cocoa butter. 

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