The Courtship of Heady Lather

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Mark Pierce, Co-Owner Bisbee Soap & Sundry. Photograph by L.A. Wells

And what a kiss it was! 

In that instant, we transformed from drinking buddies to partners. We were giddy with romance and everything felt right in the world.

Shortly thereafter, I contacted my aunt, Michelle. She owns Nature’s Emporium in Taos, New Mexico, a purveyor of fine soaps, lotions, and other intoxicating potions. “I have a new gentleman friend. He appreciates fine soap.”

Days later, a box of the finest smelling soap ever arrived in my mail box! This was the first introduction of artisan soap into our relationship.

I should mention, Michelle and I are close. She’s talked me through my tribulations, egged me on to be strong, and always encouraged me to explore my own ventures. In typical fashion, Michelle had inspired me, once again.

I just didn't realize it yet... 

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