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Cupid Takes Aim

Amber Avery-Pierce

After a couple of weeks, Mark finally asked me out for a beer after work. I admit, I found him to be quite charming (and I was eager to escape the chaos that my life had become), so, I happily accepted his invitation.

We made the rounds of some of Bisbee's finest establishments in Brewery Gulch and our conversation was comfortable and lively. Our topics were varied and covered, among other things, our mutual love of grunge and punk music and travel. I told him that I'd recently been on a trip to Seattle and fell in love with the area, specifically because it's so drastically different in scenery than Arizona. Mark humbly disclosed that he had spent a great deal of his life in Seattle and that he had been a world touring musician in a Seattle based punk band.

We ended the evening sitting at the bar at the Grand when Mark suddenly leaned in to kiss me.

I leaned back and said, "You weren't about to kiss me, right?" He smiled and replied, "Nope, I sure wasn't."

This became a recurring scenario for us - one we still joke about.

However, Mark is nothing if not persistent, and, when the time was right, I went in for the kiss…

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  • You 2 make a beautiful couple!


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